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We accept students from grade 4 to 12. We have different programs for students.

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Private and group classes are both available at excellent rates. Your child will enjoy classes in a fun atmosphere focused on succeeding.

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Vlad Kish

Vlad Kish


“Hello, I have been teaching Math for the past 25 years striving to help my students to not only excel in math but also to see the beauty in math. I have a Master’s degree in mathematics and a passion for teaching. I believe that every student can succeed in math. If you are in search of a math tutor in Thornhill, Ontario who can help your child overcome any difficultly in school, look no further. Our school is the best choice for your child. “

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Thank you MDY for helping my daughter succeed in math. My husband and I struggled with finding a good quality math school that would help our daughter with individualized focus on her particular weaknesses. Many good math centers charged an arm and a leg only to cram our daughter in large sized classroom with teachers that could not keep our daughter’s attention. MDY offered affordable options for both one-on-one tutoring as well as very small sized group classes. Vlad, the principal of the school, was always very pleasant to deal with and we knew we could count on him to fit our daughter into the busy schedule when she needed more help. Thank you MDY and Vlad for your help.



Vlad takes the time to simplify concepts and makes math very easy to understand. Math used to be my weakness and I never enjoyed math classes. I used to be a C student and thought that it was because I was just not smart enough to do well at school. Vlad has helped me to overcome my challenges and made math fun. He continued to find creative ways to present math in a simple way. I have been an A student in math ever since I started taking classes at MDY. I would recommend this school to anyone who is struggling with math. Thank you MDY!


10th grade student

Vlad has helped me sail through tough math courses in high school and I trusted him so much that I reached out to him for help with some of my university math courses as well. Getting into medical school was my dream and I knew that I needed to earn high marks in all my courses in order to be a competitive applicant for medical school. Vlad has made math fun and very easy to understand. He has been very patient with me and thanks to him I earned high grades in all my math courses. I am currently a first year medical student at a Canadian medical school and could not thank Vlad enough for his mentorhsip and help throughout the years.


First year medical student

Doing well on my math tests was very easy thanks to Vlad!


Student grade 6

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Address: Bathurst and Centre Thornhill Ontario
Phone: 416-919-2639